Company profile
      "Shuanghu coating" was founded in 1928, is specializing in the production, management, paint coating engineering service Linuo group's two group. The company is China coatings industry pioneer enterprises and leading enterprises, is Chinese coatings industry's first listed company, is Chinese paint industry's most competitive top 10 enterprises, Chinese technology brand 500 strong enterprises, the construction of national postdoctoral workstation, South China coatings industry training base in Hubei Province Research Institute and other research institutions to paint. Shuanghu trademark is A Well-Known Trademark in China, and a national invention patents, dozens of scientific and technological progress award. In order to meet the requirements of sustainable development, the establishment of green, environmental protection, energy saving new industrial park. The company responded to the Wuhan municipal government on the deployment strategy of Sanhuan line chemical enterprises overall relocation and decision by the parent company, Linuo Group invested 3 billion 400 million yuan to build R & D base coating and fine chemical production in Wuhan area. In 2015, covers an area of 167 Mu Shuanghu coating project completion of the production plant, Shuanghu coating total construction monomer 12, equipment, products and technology in full scale. Production equipment for global procurement, German intelligent industrial park benchmarking world-class, greatly enhance the stability of product quality has been recognized by the market; continuous process improvement, a large number of successful application of new technology. Park from raw materials storage, feed production, product packaging, the basic realization of automation control, raw materials, transportation to achieve full closed pipeline, not only improves the utilization rate of material, product quality, and solve the safety and environmental issues. The construction of the park with intelligence and information of ideas, new ideas, new ideas and new trend of leading the design and construction of industrial enterprises in Wuhan City, Wuhan city has become the "resource-saving and environment-friendly" two types of social construction of science and technology demonstration park. The company design production capacity of 110 thousand tons, including industrial coatings, automotive coatings, resin three series of products, after the output value will reach 1 billion 500 million yuan, creating profits of 200 million yuan. In 2016, Shuanghu coating actively explore the transformation and development of the road, in order to adapt to the new economic norm, the initiative to change the Shuanghu coating. The adjustment of industrial structure, the three clear development line: industrial coatings, automotive coatings, resin plate plate plate, while strengthening technological innovation, construction of innovative enterprises, the future layout according to the production of intelligence, market globalization, asset securitization, to maximize the value of management philosophy, and strive to 2020 to achieve annual output value of 5 billion yuan target.